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  • 2018-08-11 00:50:42

MBBS from Ukraine

Ternopil State Medical University! As a new Rector and also alumnus, I am overwhelmed with honor and excitement to lead this University into spectacular future of collaboration between faculty, students, alumni, and friends not only within Ukraine, but also with our colleagues from abroad. I was always astonished by the widespread energy and enthusiasm of our people. No matter if it is teaching, conducting research, maintaining every day’s University affairs, or serving the local community, our faculty and staff are excited about their job and the potential we have. The level has been set, as per the latest Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine rankings between Medical and Pharmacy schools of the fourth accreditation level, Ternopil State Medical University was awarded the first place. It is our job now to maintain this legacy and to bring it up to a brand new level. I have complete confidence that our University will continue to improve its stature as one of the nation’s top Medical Universities. Whether you visit us online or in person, I cordially wish you a warm welcome, as there is no better place to study, to grow, to develop an outstanding personality, and to become a truly devoted and skillful doctor. I invite you to get back in touch, and share your ideas and dreams for our future. Office of the Rector is always open to you.

Academic year (2 semesters): September 1-June 30, March 1-February 1

Period of training: 6 years
Education Mode instruction in Russian or Ukrainian 

Annual tuition fee: ·
– 3700$ (fee is stable for all 6 years)  instruction in English
 – 4400$ (fee is stable fo
 – Hostel 1000$
 – Medical insurance 200$
 – Medical chekup 100$
 – T.P.R 500$
 – Documentation 1000$

About Ukraine:

Every year the number of foreign students grows in higher educational institutions of Ukraine. Our country always was hospitable, with a warm and good relation to foreigners. That who looks for quality and available education abroad, it is possible to recommend safely training in Ukraine.

The system of the higher education in Ukraine is well developed and presented by numerous educational institutions which prepare leading experts of the most various directions of knowledge. The structure of the higher education in Ukraine corresponds to structure of formation of the majority of the developed countries of the world. That fact is very important that in March, 2005 Ukraine joined Bolonsky system and began to develop actively a pan-European standard in the sphere of the higher education.

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